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Office Policies
Appointment Times
We always try to see patients in timely fashion, and realize that your time is valuable. Because of this policy, we cannot see you if you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your visit, and you will have to reschedule if you are late.

Please allow time for traffic and arrive early if possible, especially for physicals and new patient visits.
Missed appointments
24 hour notice is required for cancellations.
If notice is not provided, a charge will be assessed to the patient.
Charges will vary depending on the length of the visit missed.
"Phone medicine"
Dr Pokrywka does not believe in "phone medicine". Occasionally we will treat patients over the phone for recurrent minor problems. If we have an opening, we would prefer that you come in for an office visit. If we have an opening and you decline it, Dr P reserves the right to charge you a small fee for treating you over the phone (~$10).
Forms completion
Dr. Pokrywka completes paper work after hours and requires at least one business day to complete any forms – no forms will be completed the same day. There will be charges to the patient (not the insurance) for form completion, varying with the complexity of the forms (~$10 - $35).
Rescheduling your visit
As a national thought leader in multiple fields, Dr Pokrywka travels weekly to lecture and to learn. He apologizes if your office visit needs to be rescheduled and will always strive to give you at least one month's notice. Please be sure when you reschedule to tell the staff what TYPE of office visit you are rescheduling (e/g physical, follow-up, new problem , initial visit, etc. ) This is YOUR responsibility.
Inclement weather
Dr Pokrywka believes that healthcare offices should be open unless there is a weather disaster. He does not follow any school system's policies. If he can get out of his driveway , the office will be open.
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